Highway On My Plate @ VR Bengaluru

When emotions come pouring , some of the articles might seem like chalice bearers of non sense verses.

Disclaimer : This post might sound like one 🙂 read at your own sweet will .

 As VR Mall celebrates One year from yesterday onwards , this is a throwback post , which was long pending.


Though it’s not easy to be right beside Phoenix mall , (which in my opinion is the biggest mall in Bangalore, critics may prove me wrong) – VR has always stood out for different reasons. I was so excited when it was about to open.It houses the only H&M, along with the  only Retail Nykaa shop . Then came my biggest attraction – Food Hall. Overall ,it has always been able to add shops & outlets unique in their own way.

Recently Cleartrip Local launched Food Tripping , in the VR mall premises on the 07th of May. It was a  food feast featuring Rocky & Mayur from the renowned highway on my plate series.

Now, these are 2 eminent food lovers , whom not only do I love watching on TV , but they are to a certain extent , my inspiration to write, think , talk about Food (#avrilsfoodjournee). So you can well estimate the excitement with which I reached VR Mall premises.Not only did rocky n Mayur meet us, they were so humble and nice, its hard to believe that it’s the same 2 guys in front of you .They even gladly obliged by taking a groupfie.

During lunch ,at Whitefield Arms ,I saw their humane side too. For me , it was a zombie like situation , where I ate in one of my most favorite restaurants in Bangalore (now) & watched the icons in front of me.
Post lunch they even interacted with the audience gathered at the VR mall & taught a beverage & a few Thai / oriental street food, which they picked up during their food sojourns. Seeing them on-screen & seeing them cook in front of us (Rocky giving tips on ingredients) or take pics (Mayur running around all over to get the best angle) was like a reverie.

It was an awesome afternoon & I  don’t regret the initial wait in the hot sun.Witnessing  them in action was just like watching highway on my plates in real life as they continued their banter.

This entire programmer was enabled by Cleartrip Local. Cleartrip is a well-known name in modern India among the net savvy population, since 2006. It’s one of the leading online travel portals in India. In 2016 it forayed in the hyperlocal activities space under the banner of Cleartrip Local to become the most comprehensive travel app ever.The launch of Food trippin’ underlines Cleartrip’s focus on driving customer engagement and user traction through owned events and activities under the banner Cleartrip Local.

On the whole a big thank you : Cleartrip Local, VR Mall &. Mr. Bibhuti Bhushan Panigrahi (chef BB) for making this happen !!


23 Comments Add yours

  1. Shubhangini says:

    You met these guys..😱😱👏🏼👏🏼


  2. Saurabh Banga says:

    Though I always knew bongs are all about great food n even better articulations but this piece written by you is an extremely pleasant surprise. Knowing you over the years , I always knew you had a taste for food n literature but the way you have described the experience is just like I have met tasted the food and met these two gentlemen @ VR …..Wow !! Keep sharing n writing ….it’s an extremely good read


  3. Karni says:

    It was almost like being there. Thank you! 🙂


  4. Rina Ghosh says:

    Great writing ! Very interesting.


  5. mousciencecrazy says:

    Multi talented is your description


    1. Ki j balo. Shobai enek kichu korchey.


  6. Jayashree says:

    Very well drafted Mitra,
    You make us see through your words:)


    1. I remember you n another friend of mine saying this always, which prompted me to write


  7. Swagata says:

    Lovely!! Well potrayed.. Great experience shared!!


    1. Thank you Mamon. Tui o bhishon shundor likhish.


  8. Manu says:

    Wow!! Wonderfully written


    1. Manu , the good part is Baba chandok is the MD of this place and the kind of food he promotes .. you will like it


  9. Prema Maity says:

    This write up is so interesting! ! And the best part is the groupfie taken with the food gurus!! Simply awesome 🙂


  10. AartiMK says:

    Wow…! I envy you… I am a big fan of these two guys Rocky and Mayur…


  11. Debarya Ghosh says:

    Love the share & experience…keep posting 🙂


  12. Priyanka Nagpal says:

    perfect way to express your feelings when you meet your inspiration. Also the food at The Whitefield Arms is impeccable.


  13. Anurag says:

    Well covered and described. Foodie needs foodies like Rockie and Mayur to confirm the authenticity of an outlet or meal. You being a true foodie have done just that.


  14. Devashree says:

    Well written as usual. Keep more coming to make our choices easier …


  15. Sudhir Nair says:

    Great writing Mitra…you make it sound Visible…please continue…


  16. Ben says:

    What a great opportunity I missed. Nice groupfie. So glad you had a great experience. What a wonderful post. Great work.


  17. Arnab says:

    Being a foodie I missed the charm of the program as I m out of station. But after reading the post I v got the smell and essence of delicious dishes.


  18. Diptajit Das says:

    Great carry on…..


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